Steve Beastie says it all....

'I had Be Bop on repeat all day yesterday, Sunburst Finish is my 'go to album' but it doesn't matter what I listen to reality as I don't think they did a bum track and to finish the day off watching you fellas was an absolute it always is.

The beauty of Be Bop Deluxe was their component parts....

We all know how good Bill was/is and is/was the main reason we were there from the off but they were more than a one man band....the rhythm section from Simon and Bill was always tight as chuff and funky as ya like, in fact I don't think Charlie got enough credit if I'm honest. He brought a lot to the show in musicianship, presence, backing vocal and fun.

However, where Be Bop excelled (other than great guitar, great lyric writing and great concepts) was in the same places that some of the truly great bands have done - the guitar and keyboard combo -and they were different to every other band out there in this respect as the guitar was off the chart in every department but the keyboard was so beautifully light. An anti Jon Lord if you like (who I also love)

There are certain things when bands play Be Bop Deluxe that must be smack on the money. These are those things. Tight and funky rhythm section. Great understated vocal full of pathos. Superb guitar. Wonderful keyboards BUT the interaction between the keys and guitar MUST be spot on.

Sunburst Deluxe are!

They nail it and it always gives me butterflies and a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. At times I can shut my eyes and I'm right back in the mid seventies.

PLEASE play more gigs'

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